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A Rising Flood of Perpetual Thought from the Annoying Brain of the Ugliest Man in the World 2: A Book of Poetry, Volume 2
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A Rising Flood of Perpetual Thought from the Annoying Brain of the Ugliest Man in the World: A Book of Poetry, Volume 1
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2018: Oh, it's coming, alright.

2017: WTF?
Okay...my goal was to write a blog entry every day for five years. Guess you can see how that's going. BUT, WHAT THE FUCK!??! Who the hell can keep up on writing every day with life beating the shit out of you every day?! I get the distribution schedule of "The Tick" comic book now. See you next year!!!! Oh, yeah, the X-Files - Just shoot them and put them out of their misery, already. Sheesh!!

OCTOBER 2016: I Have Solved America's Income Tax Problem!
Okay, so, I woke up this morning and thought of this...my FAIR PLAY TAX PLAN!


Copyright 10/07/2016

APRIL 2015: A New Hope, or, Jar-Jar X-Files?
Okay, so, I guess like everyone else, I've now heard Duchovny state that the X-Files is coming back to TV in 2015.  I'm a fan of the show, but...why?  Didn't they already exhaust every idea and run the show into the ground to the point where David Duchovny himself walked away from the stagnant story lines?  Why is you coming back, Dave!  Use some of your old X-Files million$ on a sex-addicted hooker and screw her brains out while screaming, "Scullyyyyyy!"  That will give you more satisfaction than re-doing this show ever will.  And if you need a reminder, here's how dumb the storyline got...YOU walked away from it stating that it was being dragged out far too long!  And it STILL went on for another TWO YEARS after THAT!

Plus! When Fox had his gun to cancer man's head, he didn't pull the trigger.  When Fox had his gun to Krychek's head (after Krycheck killed Mulder's father), he didn't pull the trigger.  When Scully had the implant, Fox had the chance to kill cancer man's boss from the secret gov't society, and yet again, he didn't pull the trigger.  Hasn't there been enough of Fox Mulder's "mundane impotence" flailed repeatedly in our faces for us to just drop him into the loser bin, right next to cancer man being a failed writer (the biggest cliche' ever!)?  AND I'M A FAN!!

So, how should it be handled?  Simple.  We have to just leave it happy in our memories with whatever pseudo-dignity it has left, after it embarrassingly slithered into the darkness years ago.  I mean, really, those two final seasons were like watching car wreck footage being played over and over again, on an ever-increasingly slowing loop, but without seeing any blood!  Why don't you just have the Kardasholes do an episode?!  Or, have Mulder choke to death on the toilet eating a ham sandwich?!  Or, even, bring in the Entourage entourage!  Just how far is Chris Carter going to milk this dried out cow?  THERE'S NO MORE MILK LEFT, CHRIS!  STOP TUGGING ON THE UTTERS!  IT'S TOO PAINFUL!

Well...I hope this is all just a bad rumor and I hope it dies away quietly.  I absolutely could not stand to see it re-animated into even more torturous and strained dialogue that will never have a chance of manifesting into an actual conclusion.  I mean, come on!  How old is cancer man's boss by now?  How old is cancer man?  They gotta be 100!  Can the actors even walk anymore?  I'm sorry, but my vote is NO on this one.  Leave it fade into history with the miniscule shred of integrity it has been left with, after the show's story line stopped making sense, two years before the show finally had the plug pulled.  Don't plug it back in!

Please...please...if Mulder shows up 20 years later and the list of hooligans is still around tormenting him, then:

1. Mulder is an idiot who couldn't find the truth if it dragged him back into a television series.

2. Mulder is incompetent, because after 20 years, he still can't get the job done and get the bad guys.

And, 3. the worst of all...Mulder is now older and cynical and jaded, because, he's an incompetent idiot who has become a ridiculously unknowing participant in the conspiracy that he is still fighting against.

The only reason to bring it back is to either kill cancer man, or to kill Mulder.  No one else matters.  And killing Mulder, or Scullly, this late in the game is unfair to us fans.  And killing cancer man now means nothing, because he's already lived a long, rich, and rewarding life.  He's already won.  His death now is meaningless.  So, PLEASE... leave it alone.  Have we learned nothing from the monkey's paw?  Even Dr. Zaius knew when to let it go.  Peace.  And P.S., can we get Dick Grayson back to being Batman's sidekick again already?!  Sheesh!!

MAR 2013: A Bright Outlook
Okay, so, I've been working with Jillian on a new album. It's a tough one this time. A lot of writer's block happening. Johnny Rzeznik knows what I'm talking about. A lot going on the first quarter of the year. So, I feel better about things. Star Wars, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, and music. I also want to wish everyone a happy spring. Young man's fancy and all. Go grab someone you love and give them a big fat kiss. Peace.

JAN 2013: A New Year
Like INXS says, "wake up to a brand new day." The new year should be full of life and love for all of us, and I hope all of you remember to enjoy what matters most. The ones you love, and the ones who love you.

What's happening over here? Trying to get the next music album together. Thinking about touring a little. Working on our new web series. Trying to get Volume 3 of ARF done. My brother is still having problems with his a-hole neighbor.

One good thing did happen. A Vietnam Vet that I know finally got approved for VA benefits for being exposed to Agent Orange. So, now he's able to pay his bills and live a half-decent life. Agent Orange is a very bad thing. It was getting pretty scary there for a while there. But, at least now he and his family are going to be okay financially. Whew!

And, listen, Jillian and I really want to say thanks to all the people who buy our merchandise and support what we loosely refer to as our "art". We really do appreciate it, and we hope it makes a positive difference in your life.  Sugar Plum Dreams to all of you.

DEC 2012: A Bad Year
I'm so f**king pissed at the state of the union that those mother f**kers in Washington have caused that I have nothing to say. Merry Christmas!

DEC 2011: ARF 2 Released!
Volume 2 of the "A Rising Flood..." poetry book series has been released and is now available. This one was a little difficult for me to let go of and put out to the public, because it contains a lot of really personal items from my TV producing work. A lot of the poems are about what I feel when I'm producing television shows, so it may come off flippant at times, but that's not how it's intended.

When you are producing 4 television shows at the same time, it can get a little nuts. From creative differences, to crazy work schedules, to office romances, to schmoozing at parties, etc. But, when it comes down to it, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love the action!

Producing TV is a really fast-paced, high-speed environment where there's little room for error or second chance. You've got to stay on your toes and never slip up, especially when it comes to show time. You have to be on your game. So, I hope you enjoy the poetry and I'll see you all soon.  Peace.

NOV 2011: It's only Rock & Roll, but...ARF!
Hey, everyone! My first book of poetry is done and released! This first volume of the 4 part "A Rising Flood..." series highlights all the fun I enjoy in the world of rock and roll. Wine! Women! Song! And, party, party, PARTY!!! It's a non-stop gas, man! I love it with all my heart.

Music is something that really means a lot to me. And, it doesn't matter if it's rock, country, classical, hip-hop, or whatever else, when it's good, there's nothing that compares to it. And, when it's good and you happen to be playing the instruments, well, there's nothing that beats it, ANYWHERE.

I was watching South Park, in the episode where Stan and Kyle get the Guitar Hero game. And, Randy Marsh comes up and starts playing "Carry On My Wayward Son" to the exact notes. And, Stan yells out, "Come on, Dad. Real Guitars are for old people!" I pee'd my pants when he said that, but, then I started thinking..."Who's gonna play the music for the next 20 years of music? Who's the next Buddy Holly, or Robert Johnson, or Elvis, or The Beatles? Where will we find the next Bo and B.B.? People who actually write the songs, AND play them."

Then, it occurred to me. You couldn't be bad. Magneto was mad. Titanium, too. Only people who LOVE music will know where those lyrics come from. People actually think Guitar Hero is like playing music for real, and it's not. It's nowhere near what it's like. And, that saddens me. I hope learning and playing music doesn't get buried in the shuffle of survival and economic crisis. Because, believe me, American Idol is great and all, but take out the musical instruments, and listening to those singers will get really old, really fast. Or, not.  Spread love, not hate!

OCT 2011: Be Money Smart
My first book, "BE MONEY SMART" came out today. I wrote it when I was jammed up for money recently and super-pissed off about it, and had to figure a way out, and FAST.

So, I sat down, and 4 days later, the book was complete. And, believe me, no one was more shocked than me! But, there it was, done. And I'm very proud of it, and it's written for all the Moms out there who just want a decent life.

I hope it helps you out of any money problems you may have, and if you are not in need of money, congrats and give it to someone you love, so they can learn how to fix their money problems, once and for all.

Stay strong, stay smart, and keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.  Later, alligator.